Sunday, April 11, 2010

The War

There was a war on, and all of us were required to fight. I didn’t know many of the other 'soldiers', but I know a few of my classmates were there, so that was comforting. We had a few drills, where we had to run to the store room, take up a mask and a rifle, and line up on the hill ready to shoot. On command we would lie down on our bellies and army-crawl forwards towards the “enemy”.

The masks were all standard, but there were three types of rifle – some with a golden butt, some with a wooden butt, and there were a large number of completely plastic rifles. On the day we were finally required to fight, I was one of the first to reach the store-room and had first choice of the rifles. I immediately picked up a golden rifle and realised it was terrible, so I selected one of the wooden ones, but took the time to pick one without a wonky sight. Clearly the plastic ones were not first choice.

And as we were in the midst of the battle, I turned to one of my classmates who just happened to be there and said, “this would be a great excuse for an extension on Wednesday’s assignment”. And she laughed.

Crazy dream. Point of the story: if anyone wants to start a war with our cohort, let me know by Wednesday.

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