Thursday, April 15, 2010

Quoteblog #4

“Cataract operations last 15 minutes. You can duck out 4 times an hour to go to the toilet if you want to” - Opthalmologist

“And just remember when you’re answering these questions and you can’t think of any more, just say idiopathic” - O&G Specialist

“And if you forget one, you’ll have so many others, the examiner won’t even notice” – O&G Specialist

“I had an operation on my appendocyte” patient

“Oh God ... footballers” – Orthopaedic surgeon

“Oh my GOD! That’s very very small” – clinical tutor inspecting a student’s skin ‘lesion’

“Enjoy your oddity” – Pathologist’s advice to medical students

“Their urine will be radioactive for a few days after ... it’s a β-emitter so it won’t even clean the toilet properly for you” – Pathologist re: diagnostic test

“The second tray is for the religious – vegetarian, whatever you call it” – Lunch lady segregating the sandwiches

“I like dots. Dot, dot, dot, dot” – Student showing off her PowerPoint presentation

“Whether she’s got a shed of a pelvis, doesn’t matter” – O&G Specialist on the value of pelvimetry

“You can decide whether you’re an intelligent doctor or just a poor donkey eating grass” – O&G Specialist gives us some options

“There’s no person – male or female – without any problems, and they’re not all PMS” – O&G Specialist

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