Monday, April 26, 2010

Small Pleasures

  • Suturing
  • Early minutes
  • Cups of tea
  • Finishing assignments
  • Long weekends
  • Real mail
  • Hugs
  • Sunshine
  • Sitting with my dog
  • Playing on a playground
  • Classmates getting excited about my shoes
  • Correctly answering a specialist’s question
  • Sleeping in
  • Successfully cannulating a patient
  • Patients who refuse to see students (= coffee break)
  • Old ladies complimenting my hair
  • Patients who make jokes
  • Doctors who make funny jokes
  • Discovering that people read this blog
  • Hearing that some people actually like this blog
  • Eating chocolate like it's actual food
  • Getting dressed up
  • Or putting on my pyjamas as soon as I get home
  • Hearing from faraway classmates (they’re all far away)
  • Going home to see the family
  • Eating someone else’s cooking
Sometimes, I'm easily pleased.


PTR said...

Great post. Awesome picture!

Lesleyfish said...

I'm a firm believer in finding joy and amusement in the little things. And I like your blog :) (So much that I recommended it to a friend!)
Hope all's well in Millicent x

Pink Stethoscopes said...

Why, thank you! You know I just did the sums and if every reader recommended a friend, there would be 12 of us here!

I would also like to add to the list: "Singing in the car"

And I will confess to stealing the picture from the intarwebs ... my coffee has never smiled at me like that.