Saturday, April 17, 2010

Viral Infection

We had to give a PowerPoint presentation a couple of weeks ago on a selected cardio topic. I chose 'cardiomyopathies', and although I was nervous about presenting in front of the big-shot cardiologist, I think I went OK. But I was shocked and dismayed when I took my flash drive back to my computer afterwards and was rewarded with the following message:

The shock came mostly from the fact that SOMEBODY ELSE had given me a virus/worm. I am normally quite capable of destroying my own electronics without any outside assistance. In fact, once I managed to shut down the entire university intranet while I was living on campus. Don’t believe me? No, you know me too well. It was twice. Twice, I single-handedly shut down the university intranet by inadvertently picking up a virus in my travels. I was banned from connecting for quite some time, and I had to study using books, just like the olden days.

I have since learned all about anti-virus programs, so don’t worry – I’m pretty sure this one’s no longer contagious.

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