Monday, April 5, 2010


It’s amazing what I've discovered by installing a tracker to this web page. I may not know your name, home address or favourite colour, but I do know that you use IE 8.0 / Firefox / Chrome, and your computer is running Mac OS / WinXP / WinVista / Win7 and that you visited my site for 0 seconds/ 4min 13seconds / multiple visits spread over more than one day. It’s nice to see that some people, not limited to but including my Mum, make return visits. And I seem to have been visited by somebody on every continent already, which is nice, although I’m pretty sure most of them arrived here quite by accident. Here are some of the Google searches that have led to my occasionally peer-reviewed (PTR, Puddle, Vonbon) and vaguely semi-informative page:

“schoolgirl had chest examined with stethoscope for sore throat” – UK

“pinkstethoscope Champ” – UK

“champ pink stethoscope” – New Jersey, US (is there a champion pink stethoscope out there somewhere? Is it mine??)

“cystic fibrosis stethoscopes” – California, US

“dirty stethoscopes” – Utah, US

“urologist nurse gown” – Florida, US

“which way do you insert the stethoscope” - Massachusetts, US (more than once, and then they tried “insert the stethoscope”. I hope they found what they were looking for)

“which way do stethoscopes go in your ears” – California, US (at least they know it goes in the ears – good start)

“pink urine scrub solution” – Israel

“stethoscopes ashamed” – Iran

“Thomas Jefferson stethoscope” – Philippines

“anaesthetist rocks” – Cape Town, South Africa

Thanks for visiting! I'm sure that you don't find all / any of the right answers here, but I hope you have some fun along the way.

We’re supposed to do that, when we find what we're been trackin!
Copper, The Fox and the Hound

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