Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Quoteblog #5

These are all courtesy of the pain management / musculoskeletal doctor who gave us a whole-day tutorial yesterday. Whole day tutorial, and it didn't even get boring!

“Students like food, pens, and testing reflexes”

“Every OSCE I mark, you get 10% for being a human being. That means you only have to get 40 out of 90 to pass”

“You don’t expose, you fail”

“All you get from stroking the insides of a patient’s thighs is trouble”

“And I don’t give a stuff about her breathing of course, unless she stops and then it just gets messy”

Neck exam on student:
“Ooh that feels nice” – student
“You’re not supposed to say that to your teacher!” – Lecturer, then, “Why don’t you come lie down”
“You’re not supposed to say that to your students!” – other student
“Face down please” – Lecturer

“A Trendelenburg gait looks like a constipated swan”

And one from dinner: “You’re asking orthopaedic surgeons to walk and chew gum at the same time?”

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