Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Note to self

Just because it's the last day of rotation, doesn't mean it's Friday. Calling a vascular surgeon to make a referral and apologising for calling so late on a Friday doesn't make you seem considerate. You will seem disoriented and even saying clever things like "progressive carotid stenosis" and "possible need for endarterectomy" won't save the situation. You will get to fax your referral and wait in line just like everybody else.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Livatone Shots

Me, "Your liver function tests are a bit off. That's mostly because of your drinking"

Patient, "So you think I should take some of those Livatone shots then?"

Me, "No. I think you should cut back on your drinking"

PS I've been Googling Livatone shots, report to follow

Clinic Art

Some recent artwork from GP consulting:

Normal bowel (above) and diverticulitis (below)

Me, by my patient Brianna (4years)

This one is anyone's guess. Brianna wouldn't tell me. Possibly a diagram of the digestive system. Possibly a complicated break-in plan for the medical clinic. Or maybe I've got it upside down and it's an elephant fishing.