Monday, April 21, 2014


The lawns at my new place are quite expansive and seem to grow unnaturally fast. At first I bought a push mower to keep them under control, and spent 12 joyless hours one day cutting my cursed grass.

Even then I didn't finish, running aground on an ancient artefact kindly left by the previous owner.

I have since learned that a ride-on mower is a worthy investment.


Omigod puppies are adorable! This is my new addition Soda, who like most puppies, divides her time between running around like a mad thing and sleeping. And without fail, drains about 50 IQ points from anyone who sees her.

Monday, April 7, 2014


Time for an update so any possible future posts will have some context...

I'm now living the dream, working 9-5 as a GP registrar at the same practice where it all started with my third-year placement. I still have my little dog Sprite, who is soon to be joined by a new puppy - Soda.

I actually bought a house with some land, with hopes of bringing my horses down here with me ... this is on hold for now because I accidentally broke my arm while pulling out the old fences. Ugh. One more month in plaster.