Tuesday, April 27, 2010


We had a session with a Gastroenterologist for one of our study days. He sure was a good teacher. What did I learn?

Gastroenterologists are not like most surgeons. In contrast to the “If in doubt, take it out” mantra, the gastroenterologist declared, “If it’s in a bucket you can’t put it back”.

Gastroenterologists are not haematologists: “This is a bone marrow. Who knows about bone marrow? I don’t”

Gastroenterologists can be generous: “Everyone deserves an ultrasound”

Gastroenterologists can also lose their train of thought: “Now where was I leading? Heh heh.”

And they can be a little strange. Student: “Do you just have naked large lady on there?” Gastroenterologist: “Yeah, I’m a bit like that”

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