Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Medical Specialty Aptitude

I took a "Medical Specialty Aptitute Test" a little while ago, just because I thought it would be interesting. It's quite slow to load and has hundreds of questions on many pages, so it took quite some time to complete. And after all that, the results weren't what I was hoping for and so I have decided that it's a load of rubbish anyway. Since my hopes and dreams (currently) involve me becoming a GP and maybe also doing anaesthetics, I was rather disappointed with the following results:

1. Radiology
2. General Surgery
3. Thoracic Surgery
4. Pulmonology
5. Haematology
6. Radiation Oncology
7. Infectious Disease
8. Nephrology
9. Nuclear Medicine
10. Obstetrics / Gynaecology

Where was GP? Number 33. Anaesthetics? 28. I'm probably mostly puzzled by Pathology appearing at number 17.

I suppose the quiz has some sophisticated method of determining your aptitude based solely on your personality type. And if you're the type of person who gets fed up with slow-loading million-question quizzes, maybe you should be a surgeon or a pathologist, and stay away from too much patient contact.

Not happening. Look out, patients!

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PTR said...

Yeah, those quizzes are a bunch of malarky. I think they're written by radiologists.