Sunday, February 28, 2010

What I go to shows for

I just spent the entire weekend at a local horse show. At the risk of sounding like a spoilt brat, I ... well I probably am. I usually spend the week 200km from home studying while Mum and Dad look after my horses – exercising, shoeing, feeding, washing, all the things that will put you off having horses. And then on weekends, I drive to the shows and hope to find my team of showjumpers there, all washed and ready to go. Most of the time it works out pretty well (for me), but I’ll have to admit that if I win anything it’s mostly thanks to Mum and Dad, and if things go badly it’s mostly because I’ve been at uni so long that I’ve forgotten what my horses even look like. So although I was surprised on Saturday to find that I only had one horse to ride, I couldn’t complain because (a) I had a horse to ride and (b) it was my favourite, Jangles.

We had a lovely weekend; my family, our horses and the little dogs. The dogs were both "adopted" by two little girls for the weekend, who also followed my sister around during all waking hours, all the while dragging around our two dogs. My sister claims to be neither a people-person nor child-friendly, but I think they wore her down in the end. Jangles and I only competed in small classes (95cm and 105cm) but we managed to win a 2nd prize each day, so I now have lunch money for the week ... things like this matter to a poor student.

"Pictures are better than words, and much more colourful" - old jungle saying

My little Jangles ... awwww. Makes me smile just to see him.

Jangles in action. Well done, little sister - good photography!

My little dog Sprite. Photo by the little girl who "adopted" her for the weekend.

My sister's dog 'Doggers', AKA the Fashion Police, barking at a man who chose to wear an orange wife-beater singlet and tight purple jeans. Sic 'im, Doggers!

Tired little dogs. When they aren't being adopted by small children, their job at shows is to guard the horse truck from "bogans", and they take it very seriously. They do sleep well at night though.

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