Monday, February 8, 2010


I have the unsettling habit of recording the silly / amusing things that people say in my presence. Here is a snippet from the last three weeks:

“My Spiriva should be sitting on the counter next to my tobacco” - Asthmatic patient to her husband

“He had the miniature cockle vaccine” – Young patient’s mother

“Thankyou! That was very nice, you holding my hand like that” - Older gent after I’d taken his radial pulse

“I feel like a polar bear” - Elderly resident putting her dressing gown back on

“You cannot make an ear fall off, and you cannot make a nose fall off, no matter how hard you try” – Anaesthetist

"I have a working fanny" - this one submitted via SMS, allegedly a classmate. Context unknown.


Vonbon said...

The context was that the quoter was excited that her rangehood fan was working. For some reason she calls it a fanny. It was more amusing when she tried to stop calling it that but failed miserably.

On another note, this heard just today from our Senior Fellow: "Nobody but a surgeon should be sticking a finger up their bum."

How goes the quotebook?

PTR said...

Hahah - I'm calling it the miniature cockle vaccine from now on!