Friday, February 19, 2010

Urology #2

Urology consulting isn’t nearly gruesome as urology theatre (much less blood and burning flesh), and it’s nice to meet some patients and see what they’re like in real life. I meet a 92-year-old lady who’s glad to be rid of her extensive bladder cancer, a 65-year-old man post-TURP who wants to know if he can have sex yet, and an 85-year-old who’s just been diagnosed with prostate cancer and wants to know how long he’ll live. I also meet a man who leaves the room almost the second the urologist informs him that he does not bulk bill. And a lady who is shocked to discover that smoking causes cancer of the bladder, and swears to quit today. I have to smile when a feisty older lady explains her tests, “there was things that they rubbed on yer, and all them things in the tunnelly thing” (ultrasound and CT scan). I ask insightful questions and the urologist gives me detailed answers about everything from operation procedures to medical treatments and pathophysiology.

But I still do not want to be a urologist.

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