Thursday, February 11, 2010

Doctor vs Patient

When the doctor knows his patient well, he gets pretty cheeky, throwing in odd comments and keeping the patient on his toes. The other day a man came in with a laceration to his calf, which needed suturing:

Doctor: “Can you get me a suture kit please?”
Nurse: “What, a sharp one?”
Doctor: “No that’s fine, just get me an old blunt one. Actually, just get a dirty one out of the ‘used’ bin”
Patient looks up, laughs uncomfortably
Doctor: “It’s cheaper that way”

He probably should have cut his leg in the morning. Almost all of the morning patients got new sutures.

But the doctor doesn’t always win. An older man, who was not in the best of health, came in the day after his birthday. The doctor asked if he’d had a quiet one, hoping he’d taken it easy. The patient replied, “I had a few quiet ones, yeah”
Everything is better when the doctor keeps it interesting, right?

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