Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Quoteblog #2

We had an Advanced Life Support session today using Sim Man. Before we started we had to sign a confidentiality agreement, so I can't really tell you what went on in there, but here are a few amusing quotes from the day ...

“It means business, my stethoscope” - Student

“She’s not very good at being a man ... she’s OK at being a woman” - Simulation instructor, about her co-instructor

“We’ll try not to kill anyone” - Simulation instructor. “Make it me, I’ve had a good life” - Student

"Give me adrenaline please, not atropine – it’ll give me more of a buzz” - ED Doctor

“Aaaaah! Stop! Get off! Get off, you bastard!” - Sim Man to his resuscitator

“I had chest pain ... turned out to be just a sausage roll” - Student, talking about her own experience in the Emergency Department

“Just a little prick!” - Student to Sim Man, cannulating ... “Mmmmm! Oooh!” - Sim Man

“You can monitor through the defibrillator, but you can’t shock through the monitor” - ED Doctor

“If you can do it right, then you’ll bamboozle them, and that’s a really effective way to get through an exam” - Respiratory physician re: spirometry

All in all, it was a Good Day.

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