Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Quoteblog #3

Another week, another study day. I noticed today that our group has really come into its own and instead of sitting there terrified of our GP supervisor (who actually does know everything and hence asks us some pretty intense questions), we are all more happy to have a joke and a laugh. I believe we even managed to make him feel quite uncomfortable at times, but that’s probably just a side-effect of having 8 girls in a PBL group of 9. Somehow though, today was less fruitful for my Quoteblog – having 5 hours of psychiatry lectures *might* have had something to do with that. But here are some of the best from today:

“I’ve had patients whose voices have been telling them jokes, which they’ve enjoyed, and they’ve felt lonely once they’ve been treated and they’ve gone away” - Psychiatrist

“Psychiatry is a pragmatic sort of specialty. If a person’s psychotic, give them an antipsychotic” - Psychiatrist

Apparently we don’t need to know doses of antipsychotics. When asked if it’s because we can just look them up, the psychiatrist responded: “it’s because it’s just a bit too hard”.

“See, aren’t you lucky to have old people in your PBL?” - Student

“My mug is not a sex object” – Student

“[She] is the queen of dodginess” – Student, about another student

“If you have a fat patient, and there are many fat patients in Australia, make sure you don’t just palpate the fat and think, oh, the tummy is soft” – Surgeon

“You have to either postpone the gallbladder or the golf, one of the two” – Surgeon, on deciding whether to operate

“If in doubt, take it out” – classic surgeon wisdom

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