Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Baby Day

I was a bit discouraged from O&G after the specialist session on Monday, but today’s session with the local GP yielded some happier stories ...

They’d been on holidays when she’d heard somebody calling their child “Ari” and fallen in love with the name. He had agreed that it was the perfect girl’s name; she liked it for a boy instead. And after 26 hours of labour, she won. I gave little Ari his 8-week check-up today ... I didn’t really know what I was doing, but he was pretty chilled about the whole thing. And he’s doing well.

Next patient: mum’s a cystic fibrosis carrier. Ultrasounds of the fetus had shown hyperechoic bowel, and amniocentesis results had been inconclusive. He was born several weeks early, severely jaundiced, and was flown to the city (400km away) for treatment. He had also developed neutropenia along the way, so it wasn’t a great start. I saw him today and he was teething, but not crying, just drooling all over his toys and my stethoscope. A very healthy and very hungry 6-month-old, in for his routine checkup.

It was happy baby day in my small corner of the world.


Vonbon said...

6 month old baby probably looked at your stethoscope and assumed it was a toy by the bright colour!

Anonymous said...

i think the ear bits look like nipples to a baby. i had a little premmie who had these huge googly eyes eying off the ear pieces.

Pink Stethoscopes said...

How cute! This one was grabbing and drooling over the other end when I tried to listen to his chest.

Vonbon, that assumption is not just confined to babies.