Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How Embarrassing

I have a very embarrassing personal health problem. I have been struggling with it for a few days now, and there’s no point in dancing around the issue, so here it is: I have a cold. As a med student I now feel quite ashamed of myself – I’ve been seeing people with terrible illnesses, researching Medicine like it’s going out of fashion, and now I’ve gone and caught a cold, and probably from someone at the supermarket.

It’s been trying to sneak up on me for a few weeks, and I’ve been fighting it off with Vitamin C and chillies and such, but it just wouldn’t go away. And as I was debating whether to just give up and let this cold run its course, or keep fighting it and hope it gives up first - the cold got me.

Yesterday I had to call in sick to the clinic. I actually went there in person. The girl in the office called out a cheerful, “hi! How are you going!” and when I could only reply with “ummm”, she decided that I probably shouldn’t be allowed near patients, and sent me home.

So I dug out all of the cold-beating remedies that I could imagine. I got into the vitamin C tablets, the Strepsils, and the grapefruit juice (a new one for me, but it tastes good), cracked open a box of 3-ply tissues and settled in to make some chicken soup (recipe below). A hot shower, some ugly trackies and heat pack helped soothe the aching muscles. Rum made me feel better about the state of the world.

Realising how miserable I become when struck by a simple cold, well ... hopefully I’ll be more sympathetic when somebody comes in with a serious problem, like a sore throat or dizzy spell. For now though, I’m just trying to re-learn the art of nose breathing.

“Becky’s Kill-Anything Chicken Soup”
8 chicken legs, skinless
8-10 cloves of garlic, chopped
2 chopped onions
4-5 chillies, chopped. Leave the seeds in.
2 tsp (or more) grated ginger
2L chicken stock
3 carrots, chopped
1-2 handfuls of corn
1cup macaroni pasta

Heat the oil in a large saucepan and brown the chicken
Add garlic, onion, chilli and ginger, and brown also.
Add chicken stock, carrots and corn.
Bring to the boil, add water if needed
Simmer 15-30min
Take out the chicken, pull the meat off the bone, shred into small pieces and return to pot
Add macaroni and simmer 15-20min until pasta is cooked
Add salt and pepper to taste

Fun fact: This recipe was created by a girl “Becky” and passed around via spam fwd. Becky created this recipe for her Mum, who “has an auto-immune disease”, so Becky “needed to think up a way of boosting her immune system”. Now I love my immune system, but the second it turns against me ... well, that’s when it’s had its last dose of chilli chicken soup.

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