Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Steak Sandwich

I only have $11 in my account, but that doesn’t matter because I’ve left my bank card at home anyway. I have a few minutes to run and grab lunch, so I scrounge through my bag for loose change and come up with $6-50 in silver and head for the local deli. The woman behind the counter sighs impatiently as I scour the menu for something I might be able to afford. I can only judge by names though, because they haven’t written the prices anywhere. I decide on a steak sandwich with the lot, and she shouts the order to the kitchen staff before turning back to me and delivering the bad news, “$7-50 thanks”

Oh. “How much is a steak sandwich with ... not the lot?”

She sighs again, scowls at me and says, “$6-50”

I am pretty embarrassed but much relieved, and I order a steak sandwich with not the lot. She shouts out to the kitchen again, “she wants a plain steak sandwich now! Take out the bacon!” There are other customers by now, so I don’t tell her that I actually do really want that bacon but just can’t afford it. But I don’t stay there to eat my lunch – there aren’t any tables for one, and I don’t want to be told off again. I take my little paper bag and have my solitary lunch in the study room at the clinic.

It’s lonely at the bottom.


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my verification was furappus. Nasty

PTR said...

Awww. But why not just ask, "What can I get for 6.50?"

Pink Stethoscopes said...

Honestly, she didn't look like she was up for that conversation. That lady looked mean and I was scared and I just hoped it would come to $6-49 so I wouldn't get into trouble.

What on Earth is 'furappus'?