Saturday, March 20, 2010

Musical Theatre

Customarily, the anaesthetist is in charge of the music in our operating theatre (see here for his other responsibilities). Yesterday, however, the O&G specialist decided to break tradition. When the anaesthetist stepped out of the room for a cup of tea, and the registrar was operating, he chose to plug his own iPod into the sound system. Starting with the Bee Gees, he decided to showcase the very best of his collection and educate the ignorant youngsters. We heard Alice Cooper, Abba, Sherbet and the Eagles during that operation.

The second he scrubbed in and started on the next operation, however, the anaesthetist wandered over and searched for the most embarrassing songs. That’s when Barry Manilow and the Pussycat Dolls came out and the specialist hastily explained that he had set up “home sharing” and blamed most of the songs on his wife and eldest daughter. But the war had begun. It was a highly entertaining, if long-running, theatre session as the anaesthetist and the O&G specialist battled to embarrass each other as much as possible with each others’ iPod playlists. Good times.

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