Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tag & Test

I got an email last week saying that the electrician would be around to tag and test my air-conditioner. I wouldn’t have to be home; the PRCC administrator has my key and she would be there. I didn’t have much time to tidy my house before I flew out the door, so I closed the doors to my bedroom and study – a perfectly acceptable variation of ‘tidying’, in my books. The air-conditioner is in the living room, so they would have no need to access the other rooms, right?


When I got home, every single electrical appliance in my house had been tagged and tested. They had been into my study, climbed over my piles of books, and tagged everything from my computer to my external hard drive. They had been in my bedroom, dragged my phone charger out from underneath my bed and tagged that. They had been through the bathroom, retrieved a hairdryer from the furthest recesses of the bathroom cupboard, and tagged that as well.

The only thing that didn’t get tagged and tested? THE AIR-CONDITIONER.

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