Sunday, June 6, 2010

Vet Trip

We were all dozing in the lounge-room after dinner the other night, when an ad came on TV for the show Border Security, and the sniffer-dogs were searching people’s bags looking for drugs. Suddenly my Mum sat up and said, “you should take Doggers tomorrow – see what’s in my purse”, and then when back to dozing. Upon further questioning I discovered that she actually meant, “take Doggers to the vet for his vaccinations, and check if there’s enough money in my purse to pay for it”. Which is lucky, because I wasn’t sure how he’d do with sniffer-dog duties.

So I took him and Sprite (my dog) for a walk to the vet’s office. We didn’t have an appointment, but luckily it was a slow day. I stopped Doggers from peeing on things until the Vet was ready, then led them both into the small surgery, which smelt very strongly of antiseptic. They weren’t too bothered about the whole thing, sniffing around the surgery and trying to say hello to the groggy cat which had had an operation earlier that morning.

I actually had to hold Doggers down for his injection – not because he didn’t like it, but because the vet’s assistant came in halfway through and he started wagging his tail and tried to jump up and say hello. It was all very quick and painless really.

Later that night when Dad came home, I mentioned that I’d taken Doggers to the vet. “Oh good” he said, “so he’s got his microchip?” Ohhhhhh. That’s what I was meant to do?

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