Friday, June 4, 2010

Elmo's Hospital Visit

I rode my horse to the hospital this morning. The hospital in my home town has a large aged-care component, and Friday is excursion day for the residents. Today they excursioned to the grass area near the hospital’s heli-pad to meet Elmo.

And Elmo loved it. There is nothjing he likes more than the adoration of a large crowd, and being a large, black, shiny horse, adoration is what he got. We cantered a few circles but spent most of the time moving between the residents so that Elmo could have his nose patted. Here are some of the comments he received:

“He’s very black isn’t he – even his darn legs are black!”

“Oh you’re beautiful. You should have Princess Diana riding you”

“Your dressage is world-class”

“Look at him in his fancy clothes” (he had his show bridle on)

“This is the most exciting day of my life”

“How old is he, I wonder?” (3 times in the space of two minutes, and yes, all from the same resident)

“Come to mummy. You’re a good girl for mummy, aren’t you Elmo?”

“You’re such a good dog”

"Forgive me - I'm a little short-sighted - what's his name again?"

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Anonymous said...

"good dog" LOL I luv it!!!! makes u wonder whether they were nearly blind or just confused.....