Sunday, June 20, 2010


I don’t watch much television any more, mostly due to the whole having-to-study-so-I-don’t-look-stupid thing. But when I did tune in over the holidays, I was horrified by the abuse that was dished out (mostly on reality TV), time after time, to a poor innocent word – ‘journey’. I make a conscious effort to not use this word on a daily basis, believing (don’t stop) that maybe I can make a difference, and that eventually this word will have some kind of meaning again.

But I am just one person, and I have yet to see things improve for this poor overused word. I hear it used on television, in lectures and in “motivational speeches” (don’t get me started on those). It is time for us all to join the fight, and endeavour to protect ‘journey’ for future generations of word users.

Examples of inappropriate use include:
“It’s been such an amazing personal journey”
“Her journey does not end here”
“This is the beginning of a long and arduous journey”
In any other sentence heard on Masterchef, Australia’s Got Talent, Australian Idol, Today Tonight, and well, television in general.

Examples of more appropriate use:
“Let us journey forth to the cafeteria!”
Journey’s version of Don’t Stop Believin’ is much better than the Glee version
"Nobody in the band 'Journey' is particularly attractive"

Try and count how many times you hear this word in one day (I personally can’t be bothered) - you might be surprised. And let me know if you hear it used appropriately, so that I too may be surprised.

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