Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The day that wasn't

All I had scheduled today was a GP tutorial from 2-4pm, and a video conference of the fourth-year elective presentations at 5pm. So technically, I had the morning to study and become an expert on all things tutorial-related and otherwise. That didn’t happen.

The tutorial was postponed until 2.30pm, so I did have time to read through the case and prepare some notes. Our GP is usually a few minutes late, so my classmate and I wandered in just after 2.30pm to find his office still empty. We both got out our Oxford handbooks and continued our medical education while we waited for him, until after an hour when I started to wonder if he was coming at all. My classmate wisely suggested that we wait another half hour since the doctor had patients booked in for 4pm. He did struggle in a bit after 4pm complaining of a terrible headache, so we gently excused ourselves and jumped in the car to travel to the next town for the video-conference.

At first I had been rather annoyed to find that our students’ society had scheduled the fourth-year elective presentation on a weeknight during term, because the rural students had no chance of attending. So I was pleased to hear that it would be broadcast to at least one town in our region, and I was keen to attend – especially because elective preferences are due in a few weeks. So imagine how irritated I was when we arrived to discover that the video-conference had not in fact been organised, and since it was after 5pm none of the IT staff could be contacted. Luckily somebody in the audience thought to record the audio, so that should be thrilling listening if we ever get hold of it.

And then we went to McDonalds and they had run out of commemorative World Cup soccer glasses.

Can we rewind? Please? I think this day could be done better.

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PTR said...

Agreed, today was poop. Let's have a mulligan.