Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jersey Boys Fan

My Mum has been wanting to see “Jersey Boys” the musical for years - so when we checked into our Melbourne hotel and discovered that it was playing just around the corner, we went straight out and bought our tickets.

We managed to score some special tickets in the Dress Circle, which caused Mum much angst as she then had to find an outfit suitable for such seats. So it was a great moment when we arrived to discover that she was dressed exactly like everybody else, and we could relax and enjoy the show.

Jersey Boys is about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, a 60’s rock band, who were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990. The story basically follows the band from their formation in the 1950s to today, and the actors perform some of their most successful songs throughout the show.

After seeing the performance, I only have one regret: I didn’t enjoy it as much as the stranger on my right. She would start clapping before the singers asked us to, she would sing along to all of the songs, she was marvelling over her purchase of a Jersey Boys hoodie, and for the whole performance our entire row of seats was literally rocking as she danced in her seat. Somehow now I don’t think you are getting the full experience unless you see a show with such enthusiasm. I might try it next time.


Shawn said...

Was that person on your right in fact your mum?

Pink Stethoscopes said...

Shawn can you even imagine that??

Also, I just taught her how to read comments - so be careful ;)

Shawn said...

Awww...I was hoping that she gets as 'rocked-up' as I am after a few sips.