Monday, June 14, 2010

Band Heroine

I am truly no musician. I did learn piano for a few years in primary school, but now my keyboard lives under my bed at home. Still, whilst visiting some of my city-based Med friends during my break, I decided to give Band Hero a go.

I sat in front of the plastic drum set and set the difficulty to medium and we rocked out our first song. Paying heed to my friend’s advice that “drummers don’t think”, I managed to score 86%! A High Distinction!

Having found my true calling, I stuck with the drums for the next song, then became thoroughly confused when the guitarist started playing my solo. “Which side am I on?!” I demanded, and was surprised to learn that my part was actually on the right of screen, not the left as I had been playing previously.

I didn’t even get close to 86% for the rest of the evening.

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