Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Three days until holidays! Excitement!!1! Paediatrics assignment (mine’s on scoliosis), PBL, progress reports, tutorials, all due this week? Not quite so much excitement.

It’s been a long year so far. I came down for orientation in early January, and apart from the odd weekend away or a lucky day off, I haven’t had a holiday yet. I’m not getting sick of it, but it’s a long time to be consistently eager and on the ball. This is why my brain retired for several days the other week – for a couple of sessions I could not answer even basic questions (example, the organ responsible for breaking down red blood cells is the spleen, NOT the liver).

I have managed to regain study-brain for the time being, but it’s a tenuous hold, and I can’t imagine it sticking around after Wednesday’s mass of deadlines. I hope nobody asks me a question on Thursday ... unless it’s about scoliosis, because I’ll have a three-page handout all ready.


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Pink Stethoscopes said...

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