Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Am The Yoyo

As I left the GP tutorial this morning, the doctor told me that we had blood results for the patient who’d come in with subfertility. I’d seen this lady on my own first, and she’d burst into tears as soon as she entered the consultation room because she so desperately wanted this baby and it just wasn’t happening. The blood results showed that she wasn’t ovulating, and the doctor sent me away with my morning’s homework – go read up and see what course of action we should take next. So I spent a few hours with the O&G, gynaecology, women’s health and medical books, came up with a few more tests and a treatment plan. I went through them all with the doctor, he agreed with some of them and we decided on an action plan. He told me that she had an appointment this afternoon and that he’d call me when she arrived.

I was with a different doctor that afternoon, but I knew she’d understand if I ducked out to see this patient. I arrived early and sat in her office so I could inform her of this. 5 minutes went by, then 10 ... the intern wandered in, also looking for my doctor. I mentioned that maybe I should check she wasn’t at the nursing home, but he said no, she was supervising him, she’d be in the clinic. 10 minutes later he was called away, and I snuck over to the computer and checked ... our doctor was doing the rounds at the nursing home.

I hurriedly informed the intern as I ran out the door, and drove hastily to the nursing home. The doctor was there, completely understanding of the situation as I explained ... and the next minute one of the nursing home workers knocked on the door and asked for me. The clinic receptionist was on the phone ... the GP from this morning wanted to speak with me. I was put on hold, but I remembered immediately that I was meant to be seeing that patient, my doctor was hurrying me out the door, and then I was driving back to the clinic.

When I arrived at the clinic I knocked on the door of the consultation room and was greeted by the doctor who cheerfully informed me that my patient had come and gone, but that he’d started her on the treatment plan we’d come up with. Oh, good. Nothing to do at the clinic, so I headed back to the nursing home.

The GP was still sitting there doing paperwork, and she laughed when I told her of my adventures. We had a little chat about how I was going – I mentioned that I was looking forward to holidays, but still had a massive assignment (Paeds presentation, for those in the know) before I could relax. She asked more, and I told her it was due next Wednesday and I mentioned who the markers would be. When she heard their names (a physician and a paediatrician), she gasped and told me “go study!”. I laughed and said I was happy to spend the afternoon there, but she told me no, she was serious, I had better go study right now.

So I marched back to my car, which probably would have shied and run away if it could, and drove back to the clinic to hide myself away in the study room for a few (very productive) hours. Yes, I am the yoyo.

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