Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Paediatrics Presentation

I’ve been working on this assignment (or at least thinking about it) for weeks. I’ve been through all the textbooks, printed out, highlighted and annotated all the latest articles, and written and re-written my handout. Last night my Mum and a workmate came and stayed at my house, and I subjected them both to the 12-minute speech. Time limit is 10minutes, so I asked which parts were the most boring so that I could cut them out. Unfortunately I had bored them into stupor and they couldn’t help, so I cut out the sections that I could get away with.

This morning I did everything right – I printed my notes and emailed my presentation to myself, just in case my USB failed. We didn’t get our usual few hours to prepare our presentations this morning, so I double-checked my Powerpoint (and added an extra picture) at lunch time. We all drew a number from a pile, and for a terrifying minute I thought I might have to go first – until somebody agreed to swap with me and I became second-last.

And I’m glad I did. I sat there and listened to my classmates’ fascinating presentations (no sarcasm, they were very impressive presentations). Then I got up and delivered my speech and blitzed the questions/discussion. And then I realised that I am now PRACTICALLY ON HOLIDAYS! What a wonderful feeling. I’m sure that actually being on holidays will be so much better, and I can’t wait.

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