Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Photo

It’s been a long day. After hours and hours of ethical discussions and two PBL tutorials, our little med student cohort joined up with a few other medical students and pharmacists to play a game of netball. This involves a lot more running around and puffing than I remember, and after playing two quarters (not in a row), I was rather fatigued. And so, it was time to head for home – a 50km drive which I quite enjoy.

I was driving along, singing loudly and badly to music I don’t play in public, when I noticed that the local factory looks very pretty with all its lights on. I thought you might enjoy seeing a picture, so I pulled over and took a few shots before turning to climb back into my ute ... only to discover that it was locked. Keys in the ignition, radio blaring, doors locked.

I immediately called my sister, who’d been in a minor accident today, and she felt much better about her day. And then I started making a series of frantic phone calls to classmates and friends in the district before sitting in the back of my ute, wrapped up in my sleeping bag and hiding from the rain until friendly help arrived.

No cars stopped to offer assistance. At first I was disappointed, and then I realised that a mean-looking ute (such as mine) parked on a country road at night does not really attract passers-by. I sat there for maybe half an hour, shivering in the cold and listening to the music blasting insolently through the cab, before the first help arrived. It was the boyfriend of a girl I used to ride horses with, and I had high hopes that he might be able to break into my ute. Out came the coathanger, but no amount of manipulating would make it lift the lock.

Soon another friend arrived with a warm jacket and a torch, and we dismissed the boy with many thanks and sat in her car to keep warm. Eventually two very dear classmates arrived from the neighbouring town, bringing with them a spare key to my house, and we ventured there to retrieve my spare car key. I will be forever in their debt for making that 100km round-trip – pleasant drive that it might be, they had originally planned to go to the pub.

The photo? I don’t think it was worth it.

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