Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Quoteblog #6

“High jump was my absolute low point” – Student

“It’s a very sexy cough” – Student
“and [my husband]’s not here to enjoy it” – Other student, disappointed

“That item on the high-left is a nipple, in case you’re wondering” – Lecturer
“Aha! I’ve seen one of those before!” – Student

“Michael Jones, where are you??” – Student looking at blood-gases

“I now follow the guidelines, like a good boy” – Lecturer

“Some of them are really really bad at it and they have no idea how to get pregnant” – O&G Specialist

“In relation to the chap, I must admit I’m not an andrologist” – O&G Specialist

“The trick in General Practice is to get everyone out the door as quickly as possible, but still make them feel special while they’re here” – GP supervisor

“I was just thinking, how quick you’ll learn to be a doctor when there’s no such thing as a 5-day week!” – elderly patient I looked after over a weekend

“I just made it!” – elderly lady walking back from the toilet. She was so proud.

“I had an operation for a defibricator” – patient in heart failure

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