Saturday, May 15, 2010

Code Blue

We had another training session with the Sim Man (simulation dummy) this week. The aim is to train us to cope with a patient whose condition suddenly deteriorates, so we know what to do in an emergency.

Even though it’s “just a dummy”, the pressure is on to save that life and look good in front of your classmates (and the Emergency doctor and other tutors). In one scenario, the students in the room could call a Code Blue and have other classmates come in as the “code blue team”.

The ED doctor was preparing us for this role, and gave us the instruction, “when you come in you’ll say ‘we’re the code blue team, how can we help?’ and they’ll say ‘ablablablabla’” So we were ready to rescue them from that inevitable disorganised panic.

So what happened in practice? We burst in, said “we’re the code blue team!” and saw that the situation was perfectly under control. After a few minutes of watching, my classmate helpfully suggested, ‘have you guys called Code Blue? Maybe we should do that”.

I wonder who would come.

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