Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I really have to apologise for the political posts that have been occasionally cropping up here. I'm sure you don't come here to read about the failings of the South Australian Government or Minister for Health. You probably get enough of that from television, radio, newspapers, your friends ... actually, you probably see enough of their failures for yourself on any given day.

I don't like reading about politics. I don't like to get angry when thinking/hearing/talking about politics. I don't like caring about politics. But at the moment I do care, and this bothers me greatly. I want to say, "Premier Who? Health Minister Who? Never heard of them. Now let's stop talking politics, it bores me".

When people like me start thinking, caring, complaining or talking about politics, there is something very wrong.



anivyl said...

personally, no, I liked to read about such things in relations to health. I mean, being in the health industry myself, I would like to know who's standing up for me and who's being a douche.

so thanks for the post, albeit I can't seem to find other media (not the website linked) talking about this, which shows how sad the situation really is

Pink Stethoscopes said...

I really didn't care about politics in health until it started to affect me directly, so good on you for staying informed. I just thought I was getting a bit annoying pushing the Keith Hospital issue on everyone here.

If you want more info on the Keith Hospital issue, just Google "Keith Hospital", listen to Matt & Dave on radio 981 Adelaide, or check the papers - Advertiser occasionally run articles on Keith Hospital.