Friday, March 18, 2011

The Haircut

If anyone's curious about the outcome of my dreaded haircut at last week's Shave for a Cure, I'll tell you now. I had planned to cut off 15cm of my ponytail, and thought that was pretty drastic. However, my sister and a few classmates made the executive decision that 15cm was not dramatic enough, and promptly chopped off 25cm.

I stayed (relatively) calm, for I'd had the forsight to make a hairdresser's appointment for immediately after the event. I casually sauntered up to the campus hairdresser only to find that he wasn't there! Apparently the med society had given him the wrong time for the event, cancelled at the last minute, and he'd gone home for the day.


On my little sister's advice I went into the city and got an appointment with a hairdresser who was incredibly supportive of the Kitten Hospital as well as the Guide Dog society. After agreeing that curly hair should NEVER be layered because it turns into an afro, she trimmed, straightened, and before I could stop her, LAYERED by hair.

And now, unless I straighten my hair, I look like a pom-pom.


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peace said...

Waw your hair must have been really tall!