Thursday, March 17, 2011

Country Rally

South Australians may have heard about this morning's Country Rally on TV or radio - especially the traffic report. Some might have seen it first-hand as a large group of vehicles entered the city limits during peak hour, all bearing signs displaying obvious disappointment in the Rann Government's handling of ... well, basically everything to do with South Australia. 

The "Save the Keith Hospital" group was especially prominent, clearly upset that Rann can justify spending  (amongst other things) $500,000 on a VIP Clipsal 500 party for MPs, $2million to convince Lance Armstrong to compete in the Tour Down Under, but refuses to back down on cutting $300,000 from Keith Hospital's funding.

Most passers-by were sympathetic to the cause, some even jumping up on the steps of Parliament House to join the group as they paused for photos and interviews. My boyfriend and I were accidentally interviewed - accidentally because we had no intention of being interviewed, and because the newsman thought we were innocent road-users who got stuck between the protest vehicles. Next time I'll put signs on both sides of the car!

The purpose of the rally was to raise awareness of the issues facing country people right now - and there are many. To those whose mornings were spoiled by the delays, think about your friends in the country whose way of life is being genuinely threatened by the current Government. And if you see a group supporting a cause that strikes a chord with you, I'm sure they'd  love you to join their fight - make it yours too!

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