Tuesday, March 1, 2011

On Pens

I am a good medical student because I always carry a pen. True fact.

If my supervisor needs to sign a form (as so often happens), and finds himself searching frantically for a pen (as so often happens), I will hand him mine. And he will say, "that's a good medical student" even if I have botched everything else all week.

But despite that glowing feedback and the lingering sense of accomplishment, I do not like lending my pen to doctors for two reasons:
  1. A doctor will never voluntarily return a pen
  2. Doctors will occasionally often chew on a pen, regardless of whether it belongs to them
Two reasons for not lending, and two reasons that make it very hard to ask for my pen back.

1 comment:

PTR said...

A good way to ensure you won't miss the pen too much is to drop it on the floor in theatre, for example a colorectal list. This also makes you feel good later on when the doctor chews on your pen.