Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Who smiles during the OSCE??

PTR does. PTR smiles during the OSCE. I followed him around, station by station, and became more and more perplexed as he would read the instructions, give a big grin, and enter the room. And as each station ended, out he would come with a big smile on his face as if the station was not only easy, but also funny. Then it would be my turn, and I would read the instructions (nothing funny there), I would do the station ... and I can assure you, none of them were particularly humorous or easy.

The OSCE was strange. In 20 five-minute stations, we were to be assessed on the clinical skills we have obtained over the past three years, and prove that we are doctor-like enough to pass through to fourth year. Armed with only a stethoscope and a biro, we were to face off against the unknown horrors behind each door, ready to prove our knowledge of obstetrics and gynaecology, medicine and anatomy, psychiatry, pathology and perhaps pharmacology.

Well as it turned out, most of the stations were about counselling. I used my stethoscope once, and that was on a dying mannequin. Sure, I’ve been tested ... just not on anything I’d prepared for. Can I read an ECG or an X-ray? Can I do a proper cardiovascular or respiratory examination? Can I suture or cannulate? Can I perform a Pap-smear or a DRE?

Probably. But the school of medicine will never know.


PTR said...

I'm sorry, I had absolutely no idea I was doing that. I suspect that it was a defensive reaction by my brain - "If I look friendly enough they won't hurt me!"

Thanks for the big punch on the arm afterwards though. Hmpf.

Pink Stethoscopes said...

Sorry about that - I really didn't mean to hit you so hard. Maybe if I'd used my stethoscope I wouldn't have the energy for such a big punch. We should take this up with the School of Medicine.