Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Do dogs eat cake?

I made cupcakes tonight for tomorrow’s PBL day.

Sprite was immediately convinced that dogs could eat cake. I fed her sausage and she was like, “No ... dogs don’t eat sausage. They eat CAKE.

So I let her try some. She took the cake delicately from my hand, set it on the floor, and contemplated it for a while. But she couldn’t back out now – she had to eat it. And that’s when she realised that maybe dogs aren’t meant to eat cake. Mlup, mlup, mlup, she worked her jaws as the cake turned soggy in her mouth and stuck to her teeth. But she battled on bravely and choked it down.

She went off for a drink and I thought she wouldn’t come back, but a minute later she sidled up to my chair and looked up as I ate another cupcake. More? I don’t think so Sprite. But she turned her head, dialling up the cuteness until I couldn’t resist, and I fed her more cake.

And now she is an expert on eating cake. She doesn’t even go “mlup mlup mlup” anymore, she eats it like it’s food.

Even when I was out of cake, she wasn’t fooled. She could see the stack of patty pans on my plate.

Dogs can eat paper.

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