Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Then there was the MCQ exam. I'd prepared well for this, by doing other multiple-choice exams and trying to remember the answers. The day before (on a beautiful Sunday), I'd huddled in a tutorial room with some friends and we'd worked through several of the past exams. We couldn't agree on all of the answers, and some of them we decided were ridiculous questions, but at least we tried.

I started out the day by locking my shoes in the bedroom and finished it by pouring popcorn all over my lap in public, so it’s hard to say how the middle bit went. But I can tell you that all of the questions we weren't sure about in practice were repeated verbatim in the exam, and all of the questions we thought were easy had been changed slightly so that they became tricky.

If I got more than 65%, then I won’t have to sit the second written exam on Thursday. Given my success in practice exams (50% on a good day), it’s most likely that I will be sitting the second exam.

Of course, I won’t find out until tomorrow, so today is to be spent in ... I’m going to call it purgatory.

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