Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Quoteblog #10

I’ve seen Arachnophobia and Charlotte’s Web as well” – Clinical Educator on why he doesn't like spiders

Oooh, hello, that’s my bum!” – Surgeon, overly excited about his phone ringing in his pocket

I like firm things!” – female student ... then, “ohhh, I shouldn’t have said that
(She was referring to her firm jeans)

You were tickling them, you weren’t blowing them!” – female student on how to blow whistles

You can eat me under the table any time you want” – One male student to another, hopefully talking about food

No, no – my waistline is outside the Australian Heart Foundation’s recommendations” – Cardiologist after being offered a cupcake


pAnDaR~ said...

interestingly.... where did you get your pink stethoscope from? LOL!

Pink Stethoscopes said...

I got it from a medical bookshop. Went in to buy a top-of-the-line stethoscope for medical school and fell in love with the pink one instead :P

pAnDaR~ said...

lol! did you know they have a Littman baby pink one? :p

They sell it online, medshop, economedical etc.

Oh, I am doing nursing :)

Pink Stethoscopes said...

Yeah I saw those, but I preferred the colour of the Spirit and that was the ENTIRE basis of my decision haha. It works fine though so I'm hanging onto it.

Actually ... to be honest, I was going to upgrade to a Littmann Cardiology III until I discovered it didn't come in Raspberry :P

How are you enjoying nursing? LOVE the sphygmo by the way, Littman needs to make a steth in that colour pink!

pAnDaR~ said...

ah yes, cardiology comes in burgundy. a pink loving friend of mine decided to get it, as she preferred to have a top of the line now rather than later (after we intended to protest outside littman). however, now it seems I have to picket alone!

nursing is awesome so far, way better than politics (ahem), which was my original degree. and hell cheaper at this point, seeing how I am doing a diploma first rather than the BN.

how many more years to go for you? 2 isn't it?

Pink Stethoscopes said...

I'll come and protest with you! I have exams in 2 weeks, then it's only one more year left of med school. So I'll be needing the Cardiology III in pink fairly soon :P

Good to see you're enjoying nursing!