Wednesday, August 4, 2010

CoC Presentations

We gave our Continuity of Care presentations today. They were more entertaining than any of us expected, but that wasn’t the best part. One of our classmates brought a giant box of Cadbury Favourites – that was the best part.

In between presentations, she rushed around offering everyone chocolates and we all reached in and rummaged around to select one. When she reached the examiner, she angled the box so he could see better and gave it a shake.

*shake shake*

He peered in, searching for a good one.

*shake shake*

He reached up tentatively to take a chocolate, just as she gave it another shuffle.

*shake shake*

Several chocolates spilled out of the box in front of him, one falling with a splash into the examiner’s coffee, much to the student’s embarrassment.

“Oh no,” lamented the examiner, “two marks forward and one mark back.”

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