Monday, August 30, 2010

Fourth-Year Rotations

Our Year 4 allocations came out today. When it was time for choosing rotations, I already had my two elective blocks completely planned – Term 4 in Zambia and Term 6 in Cambodia. This had nothing to do with my organisational skills – I had stuck like a leech to two incredible classmates and they did all the hard work for me. I stuck my holiday block in between to allow time for travel and sleep.

And apart from that, I thought, who really cares? As long as I got an anaesthetics term, of course, because last time in theatre the anaesthetist let me give all the drugs and one time he let me do a spinal block.

I couldn’t make myself gather any excitement for the rest of the terms, because what could be as exciting as overseas electives and holidays? And today my allocations came out. And I thought, “Well - that serves you right”.

Term 1: Vascular surgery. By all accounts it’s a good rotation, not too much work and apparently the vascular surgeons aren’t even very mean as far as surgeons go. And it sounds kind of cool. But when you really think about it, I think it’s going to be all about ulcers ... and I don’t like ulcers.

Term 2: Clinical pharmacology. Oh God why? Oh, right. It’s because I need to study pharmacology otherwise I will be a terrible doctor. I see.

Term 3: Microbiology and Infectious Diseases. This one caught my attention because in my previous degree of Medical Science, I absolutely loved microbiology (nerd). I’m not sure how much I’ll like it as applied to sick people with infectious diseases.

Terms 4-6: Zambia, holidays, Cambodia! Hooray!

Term 7: Psycho-Geriatrics. If I turn out to be a GP (very likely), I will be overrun by old people and eventually they will need my expertise with dementia and UTI-induced delirium. I’m not even doing this one for myself – I’m doing it for you. Yes, you.

Term 8: Anaesthetics! I would start sucking up to the anaesthetists immediately, but it’s more than a year away and they’ll probably forget me – and I’m not sure my new-found skills in psycho-geriatrics will be able to help me.

So here’s to fourth-year - just four months and some deadly exams away.

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PTR said...

Zambia and Cambodia?? Cue jealousy and envy from me!