Wednesday, August 4, 2010


“Why are you in hospital?” I ask the man in Bed 9

“Asthma” he replies, and looks at me expectantly.

Um ... ok.

Then he realises I want the full story, and delivers it in one long speech.

He’s had asthma for 2 years. He takes asthma preventers and an asthma reliever. Two weeks ago his GP did an asthma review, told him he definitely had asthma, and gave him an asthma plan. Oh and gave him a new asthma medication – Spiriva.


“Yeah. For my asthma”

“Spiriva is usually for ...” (COPD) “... never mind. How often do you use your reliever?”

“3-4 times a day. I need it when I laugh at something on the TV, or put my bins out”

Oh dear.

I look him up on the GP system. There are the notes from his “asthma review” appointment.

Reason for contact? COPD.

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