Thursday, August 26, 2010

Smoke Alarm

A few months ago I came home to find that not only did my house have an alarm system, but that the light was flashing in an alarming manner. After establishing that my house was not on fire and that my possessions, although stewn randomly about the place, had not been rifled through by Others, I called the security company. Security Man and I decided that the best thing would be to punch in my security code a few times until the light stopped flashing, and I did so with great success.

But I was left with a niggling feeling that perhaps my house was not adequately guarded against fire and burglers - hence the addition of a vicious guard dog, pictured here making a practice kill on some rope.

Well good news, everybody! My smoke alarm works just fine - and it has spectacular lights and noises! I should go and tell the neighbours ... haha, just kidding, they already know.

By the way - dinner’s ready.

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