Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Today was my last day of Paediatrics in Cambodia. Yesterday I brought my camera in and took loads of photos, including a few of the kids in the HIV ward. I printed them out this morning and handed them to the parents, who proudly showed them to all the other parents in the ward. 

Soon enough, all the parents were gathering up their children and demanding that I also take their photos.

Luckily there were only 12 families, but in the end I made three trips to the photo shop and spend many thousands of riel (almost $3) printing them all out. It was great seeing the kids’ smiles and how much the families appreciated the photos - many poor families don't have a camera, so photos are a rarity.

Most excited to receive her photo was the cleaning lady I'd snapped on the way to the printers. She was happy that I'd even taken her picture, and then when I printed it out and put it in her pocket as she was hanging out the linen she almost cried. She looks like she's scrubbed in for operating theatre, doesn't she?

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well done!