Saturday, September 17, 2011

Circle of Life

When I was younger we used to have bushes around our house that had very pretty purple and white daisy-like flowers. Unfortunately the garden snails loved them, and whilst they didn't do much damage to the plants, it was really annoying to have an enormous snail breeding-ground right in front of the house.

So we acquired some ducks which, in case you didn't know, are snail-eating champions.

Unfortunately duck eggs are a funny blue colour and nobody ate them because we also had perfectly normal chook eggs to eat.

So we made cakes to use up the duck eggs.

And then we got sick of the ducks because they're messy and awful, so we sold them all. Nobody wanted a whole flock of ducks, but our Vietnamese neighbours bought a pair every week until they were all gone.

And then we pulled up all the plants.

And that, kids, is the circle of life.

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