Monday, August 8, 2011

"Choosing the Fiance"

We briefly visited the "Cultural Village" in Siem Riep over the weekend. There are performances running all day, and we watched two of them - "Choosing the Fiance" and "Praying for Rice". I thought they would be very serious, traditional performances, but they were more like circus acts - a very simple story, lots of dancing, some impressive acrobatics, and some toilet humour to please the crowds. It was quite fun.

Here are some photos from the "Choosing the Fiance" performance. The storyline goes something like this: the king holds a competition for the hand of his daughter. None of the local heroes can lift up the special bow, so a crowd member is called out, and he magically causes the bow to lift up and therefore he is the winner. And then everybody is blessed ready to fight in a war. And then there is dancing. Ok ... so I didn't really understand the story, but it doesn't matter. Here are some pictures.


Contender trying to lift the bow

Random crowd member performing amazing feats

Random crowd member, AKA the winner

Celebration dance

Now that's a strut!

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