Monday, August 29, 2011

Cambodian Food #2

Another little selection ...

Food van with unintelligible loudspeaker

Case of Cambodia's finest

Durian stall (taken from a moving tuk-tuk and the scooter drove into shot)

Appetising platter including frogs, snakes and beetles
Baskets of creepy-crawlies at the market

Mekong fish

Suki soup with too-cute fishball

Plate of bugs that some friends and I actually *did* eat. Water-beetles are incredibly crunchy but don't taste like much. Silkworms taste like caterpillars (yes I know this for a fact). Crickets are pretty nice. Tarantulas are just plain creepy.

"Cafe d'doh gore d'goh" - iced coffee.
Huh? This is icecream.

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