Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

Ah, Christmas. A day to spend time with family, eat rich food, drink too much wine and listen to drunk grandma laugh uproariously at the Christmas cracker jokes. A day to wear silly hats, drape tinsel over the entire house, and take midday naps. For those unlucky enough to work, a day to make extra money. A time to watch terrible Christmas-themed movies and not feel bad about enjoying them. A day to play cheesy Christmas music whilst pretending not to enjoy it. A time to hang gaudy ornaments all over a tree that has somehow made its way into the house. A day to give gifts to the people you love, and also to the person you got at the work Kris Kringle. A day to relax, to reflect, and to enjoy life.

Merry Christmas.

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